Vodafone: Cep Özgür

Wed, Jan 27, 2010
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Vodafone Turkey launched an integrated campaign promoting its brand new youth tariff “Cep Özgür”. The tariff, allowing young people to talk as long as they want for just 2 credits uses the visual language of grafitti. For outdoor and print, ads vandalized by graffiti have been used.

The new offer appears all over as though some youth came with a spray paint and modified the original offer, making it a much better one. The campaign also makes excellent use of the digital channel with a microsite and a massive online advertising campaign. Created by C-Section, the microsite allows users to browse the walls viewing some very stylish graffiti while discovering tariff benefits in a fun and engaging way.

It also features an application that allows users to upload their photos and make their own stencils, which can then be downloaded as a wallpaper. As part of the online advertising campaign, 12 major websites were used for an extraordinary prestitial banner for an entire day. Visitors to these sites found a full-page open letter from Vodafone instead of the homepage. The banner remained visible for 30 seconds without a “close” button or a skip function. The letter mentioned the new youth tariff while honestly admitting that such advertising may have annoyed most users. Then, it addressed all those annoyed by this to give the new tariff a try: “Call us up and curse as long as you want to, all for just 2 credits”A bold and unusual move from Vodafone Turkey & C-Section that created quite a stir across Social Media.

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