VirginBlue: Worlds Biggest Pass The Parcel Game

Tue, Aug 18, 2009
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Virgin Blue 9th Birthday Sale Pass The Parcel Campaign
Virgin Blue have just launched a new campaign; the worlds biggest game of “Pass the Parcel” to celebrate their 9th Birthday in Australia. When you get to the Birthday website a 3D present invites people to unwrap it for a chance to win one of hundreds of instant win prizes.

Every friend you share it with gets you an extra layer to unwrap and another chance to win prizes, so this could go semi-viral if they can drive enough traffic to the site at the start of the campaign.

Not as engaging or interactive as I’d expected it to be (it’s kind of a one click game), but it’s beautifully art directed and rich in creative execution, plus it’s a great competition idea!
Click here to check out the website. The agency is Cummins Nitro.

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