Video: Ad Agency vs Media Agency

Tue, Apr 6, 2010
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There is some interesting conversation going on aver at PSFK around media agencies being lazy and old school by typically buying media from the big guys like Yahoo with a single package deal only and not trying to be more innovative with digital media buying, so Piers Fawkes posted up this great little video! If you’ve ever experienced this scenario, you’ll laugh!

I must say, that a lot of the creative agency people I speak to commonly complain about digital media buying by more traditional media agencies who just don’t get it, I’ve experienced the same, and still do on a common basis. But there are also plenty of media agencies I’ve dealt with that just get digital and are always pushing the digital creative forward with the strategy/buy produced.

I think the issue is that we just don’t see it enough outside of major campaign buys… Thoughts?

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