VertiGo: A Wall-Climbing Robot From Disney

Sun, Jan 3, 2016
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As if almost out of no where, Disney Research Labs have released a video showcasing a 3D Printed (in part) Wall-Climbing Robot that is more like an all-terrain owning vehicle from a future military prototype, than a Disney research project… But I want one!

They’ve called it “VertiGo” and it’s capable of transitioning from the ground to a wall, and is created in collaboration with ETH. The robot has two tiltable propellers that provide thrust onto the wall, and four wheels. One pair of wheels is steerable, and each propeller has two degrees of freedom for adjusting the direction of thrust. By transitioning from the ground to a wall and back again, VertiGo extends the ability of robots to travel through urban and indoor environments.

It’s almost scary how easily and fluidly the robot can jump onto the wall, drive up it, and climb down back into normal driving. I wonder how this will influence things like delivery drones of the future, or surveillance systems and military applications of robots? Regardless. Crazy cool. Read more here.

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