Verizon: The Minecraft Smart Phone Project

Mon, Dec 14, 2015
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Now this is cool. So, Verizon has created the world’s first smartphone inside Minecraft, complete with the world’s largest selfie, and it’s all part of Verizon’s “Better Matters” campaign. I apologize in advance that I don’t have the shorter case video… But what great brand game integration!

The Minecraft Smart Phone can essentially connect to the real world without leaving the game. The system includes custom functionality that lets players browse the Internet, make video calls and create a selfie stick to send an MMS selfie to a friend. Verizon invited Minecraft experts SethBling and CaptainSparklez to beta test and show how they would use these features in demo videos. It also hosted a live stream this week with YouTube educator MatPat, who ordered a pizza and set out to achieve the “world’s largest selfie from Minecraft.” Pretty cool. So who’s built one?!

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