V-Music: Just launched In Beta!

Wed, Jul 22, 2009
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Amnesia Razorfish
in Sydney have just launched the new V-Music website for Channel V. The music extravaganza features over 1.3million artists in the video library which also happens to be the central focus for the entire website where they’ve invented a cool new video player that plays continually while your browsing through the website content.

Perhaps the best design feature is a unique “slider bar” at the top of the website which allows users to simply scroll through the key sections of the site effortlessly while you continue to watch your favourite video clip! They’ve also setup the most comprehensive gig-guide in Australia and special V-Music accounts on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

It’s interesting to note that It looks like they are using something similar to #SWFaddress technology without the flash component (could be completely wrong!) and hopefully they can fix-up the meta-data and page titles (which go a little crazy) for future Google love!

Interesting to note they’ve left out MySpace, even though that was “the place” for music fans not long ago. RIP MySpace, you were once cool when people remembered what they actually used you for! Click here to check out the new V-Music Site.

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