UNITY: Real-Time Rendered Film “Adam” Pt 1

Thu, Mar 17, 2016
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Wow. So Unity’s demo team has been working on a 3D film that’s created entirely in the next version of the company’s 3D Gaming Engine, and rendered out to the quality you see above in real-time with about $3000 of hardware. Which is almost unbelievable.

The Film is called ADAM. And it’s a multi-part series to be unveilded over the next few months. With the production used to stress the beta versions of the new Unity 5.4 and the cinematic sequencer currently in development, along with an experimental implementation of real time area lights.

The demo makes extensive use of the high fidelity physics simulation tool CaronteFX, which is now available for Unity on the AssetStore along with volumetric fog, transparency shader, motion blur – to name a few. Expect to have them in your hands after Unite Europe. Very cool. UNITY.

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