UNIQLO: The Lucky Switch Banner Campaign

Thu, Jun 10, 2010
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There are a few really good banner campaign case studies going around at the moment and this one from Uniqlo is once again quite innovative in both the concept and media strategy. Launched for the 2009 end of year clearance, the banner campaign has two parts, firstly a blog / website widget and then the various ensuing banners that form part of a competition.

The widget was embedded into blogs and websites, and when pressed, transformed every image on any website into a Uniqlo Lucky Ticket promoting the sales along with the competition and the results were amazing, with the widget voluntarily installed on almost 5,000 blogs, generating over 2.8 million banner clicks. I’d love to know what the actual click through rate was, because that is an almost unheard of number of clicks from a banner campaign! (via Daniel on Adverblog)

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