UNICEF: Donate A Word Campaign

Sun, May 22, 2011
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It looks like the Miami Ad School is producing some great talent of late, and here is another nice conceptual piece from current students Lisa Zeitlhuber and Katharina Schmitt, designed to create a new way to donate money for child education.

It’s the “Donate A Word” campaign for UNICEF that utilises the spelling feature inside Google Chrome to trigger donation prompts. With each miss-spelt word adding a “Donate This Word To UNICEF” option when users right-click the red underline to amend spelling mistakes…

After taking you through a donation process, that word appears on a globally aggregated “EDUCATION” statement filled by the worlds most commonly miss-spelt words, directly helping to fund education for kids in need. What a great concept, if that was to be introduced directly into Google tools, that page would need to be a whole lot bigger! Nice job ladies!

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