UN Voices Campaign – Case Study

Fri, Apr 3, 2009
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I met with The Hyperfactory the other day, and they talked me through the technology behind the UN Voices Campaign for the United Nations. In Australia, where the UN doesn’t really have too much an impact, it seemed critical that their big push to get Australian’s thinking about social issues made some noise, and make noise it did, by creating a world first with Talking Posters.

Using unique image recognition software and mobile donation platforms, Saatch & Saatchi along with The Hyperfactory allowed people to take a photo of a persons mouth (on outdoor posters), MMS it to a special number which would decode the photo and recognise which story that photo belonged to, which triggered an instant call back to that persons mobile phone, where the call-back-charge was instantly donated to the UN Voices Campaign fund.

I really loved the mix of mainstream and mobile working together so perfectly, not to mention an amazing microsite that capped off a perfectly integrated campaign. The UN Voices campaign won a suite of AIMIA awards in March 2009.

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