TwitterScrabble: The Ultimate Game of Scrabble

Tue, Mar 6, 2012
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Hands up if you are a scrabble freak? Well, you’ve got a new challenger, and it’s the entire twitterverse! To help launch the brand new board game (remember those?!) Scrabble Trickster, they’ve created TwitterScrabble, a whole new way to get people involved in the game from around the world, purely via twitter, and laced with a daily best of the best competition.

Users landing on the microsite are challenged to write the highest scoring ScrabbleTweet from a set of 100 random characters. So all you have to do is click away and then once you think you’ve nailed it, hit “Tweet” which posts your entry to twitter for assessment… Great little idea that will probably live on much longer than the actual promotion! Check it out here…

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