Twitter Launches Live Search Widget

Sat, Jul 25, 2009
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Twitter Live Search Widget
For a while there Twitter’s ability to search their own content wasn’t great, but they eventually caught up started offering real time search which is now the envy of Google! Yesterday they extended that by releasing a new real-time live search widget that can be added to websites and blogs.

The new tool enables you to create a widget for your website or blog that shows real time search results for any search query you build using operators like AND, OR, and some cool location based ones like “near”. Although we did experience some problems getting location based search queries that worked fine on the Twitter search page, to work in the widget.

As Twitter continues to gain in popularity, features like this are going to be great for businesses wanting to embrace social media, and this is an area which Twitter wants to foster engagement with their recently launched Twitter 101 business guide.
Click here to setup your own custom Twitter Search Widget. (thanks Casey!)

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