Twitter Charity Swear Jar

Fri, Sep 30, 2011
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Here’s a fun idea for a Friday and it helps raise money for charity so leaves you feeling good! We all know how a swear jar works, well here’s the online equivalent.

Charity Swearbox is a donation-based site that provides Twitter users with a way to rectify their bad language online. You can login with your Twitter details where the app will detect all of your recently tweeted swear words and suggest a donation related to your profanities. You can then simply select a charity to donate to and submit your payment via Paypal. If you haven’t sworn at all, you can post a swear-filled tweet right there in the app. Love the simplicity of this one, what do you think?

This idea is the work of two creative friends James Dow and Jay Gelardi. The site was deisgned by James Dow and Robert Evans ( and built by Fueled. Via Adverblog

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