Twitflicks: Mini-Movies Based on Your Tweets

Mon, Oct 31, 2011
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Crowd funding is pretty hot right now, but it doesn’t always work, even through the major social funding platforms. So, when Eddie Terstall (a famous Dutch film-maker) only managed to reach $2k of the $20k he teamed up with One Big Agency to try something just a little different…

So they created Twitflicks. Mini-Movies that would be posted to your Facebook wall, based of the ideas you tweeted. For every $10 you donated, Eddie would create a 10 second movie. $60 gets you a 1 minute mini-movie to share with your friends and so on…

Would it work? Well, just a few weeks and a tonne of media coverage later, Eddie raised $120k and turned his short film into a feature length thanks to all the donations! Very very cool idea. Thoughts?

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