True Blood: Rich Media iPhone Ad

Sun, Jun 13, 2010
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I’m yet to see many good rich media (in app) iPhone ads, so this feels like a great execution in a very relevant space on the iPhone App in the lead up to the launch of True Blood Season 3. When the ad appears, any touch to the screen leaves a bloody print. The ad gives you a few seconds of finger print fun before a thick 3D looking blood stream slides over the entire app interface to reveal the “Do Bad Things” line and instant access to the series trailer. Very cool.

If you’ve seen any other decent iPhone or iPad ads, feel free to email them across and I’ll post them up! Once iAds kick in from July, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of this, which I believe, will be a great thing for both advertisers, agencies and even consumers who will increasingly want to interact with advertising content… hopefully! (via Paloma on PSFK)

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