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Wed, Jun 22, 2011
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I booked my entire US trip on, even the Vegas part, unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps) I didn’t get this kind of experience! Here is’s latest campaign, this time pushing into a rich, customisable content experience, called “Trip Your Face” where they’ve taken a little “Elf Yourself” and blended it with three cities, New York, Paris and Las Vegas.

It’s a full video site where you head on a virtual trip to each location. You’ll customise the experience with upto four friends’ faces and once inside, party with Dennis Rodman in Paris, shoot a music video with Vanilla Ice in Las Vegas and hang out with gangsters in New York.

While the Elf Yourself part has been done before by just about everyone, the experience actually takes it to a whole new level, and then some, before letting you share the video experience through Facebook by tagging friends in your flashback videos. It’s rich, it’s punchy and it’s pretty entertaining, not to mention a bit of a coup pulling in Vanilla Ice and Dennis Rodman! Nice work from Y&R Chicago + B-Reel. So, what did you guys think of it?

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