Toyota Auris: 3D Projection Mapping On Car!

Tue, Oct 12, 2010
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Here is a really innovative piece of new work from the guys at Glue Isobar in London, for the new Toyota Auris Hybrid that seems to be getting a month long launch party in the UK!

Instead of the usual 3D projection mapping onto a building, the guys at Glue Isobar worked to project a CG car directly onto a real Toyota Auris, with no less that 7 projectors helping to give a true 3D, 360 degree projection mapping experience on all sides of the car, so you could actually walk around and experience the visuals from any angle.

They used a mix keyframe, 2D, 3D, algorithmic and dynamic animation to deliver the experience, and it was all done up-close and personal at an intimate event in Shoreditch. You can check out the campaign site here. (Thanks Andy)

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