Touchanote: NFC Technology Meets Evernote

Sun, Aug 28, 2011
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Hands up if you use Evernote? Now keep it up if you have a NFC phone? Didn’t think so… BUT, that’s all going to change over the next 12-18 months, with hopefully (but don’t hold your breath) the iPhone 5 getting NFC and more and more Android devices to be rolling them out.

Either way, this is a great new startup called “Tuchanote” who recently won Evernote’s Developer Competition for a $50,000 prize! Tuchanote is actually super simple, it takes NFC chips and produces them as “stickers” along with deploying an app to link the NFC stickers to your Evernote notes when you scan them.

Why this is so brilliant, is because you can now leave digital notes on/in/at any physical location or on any object you like. You place the sticker on, scan the NFC chip with your phone, and then link it via the app, to your Evernote notes.

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