Tokyo Newspaper: AR Reader App For Kids

Tue, Jan 29, 2013
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The Tokyo Newspaper is suffering the same fate as many other leading city papers around the world, and the guys at Dentsu Tokyo have been trying to find new ways for the paper to connect with readers, when they came up with this, an Augmented Reality Reader app for kids, bringing a little extra life to the paper, and maybe… just maybe, a few new readers for the future!

The iPhone App tracks specific markers for key articles and advertisements on each page of the newspaper, before overlaying an educational version of that article specifically for kids! A very cool idea, one which we had in Sydney here about a year ago, but haven’t gotten off the ground, so good on Dentsu! What do you guys think? Whilst it won’t delay the demise of the paper, it does perhaps create a reason to by just a few more, if only for the novelty factor!

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