Tnuva’s Chocolate Dessert Digital Campaign

Sun, Jan 17, 2010
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If you’ve ever had a small media budget for a digital product launch, you’ll know that it just won’t go far enough to make an impact across the various sites you really need to hit. So you need to choose that media placement like you are spending your last dollar and customise the creative to the 10th degree to ensure you make the most of that buy.

Mccann Erickson, Israel did exactly this for Tnuva’s new Chocolate Desert in Israel. With some great research into the leading online dating website, they targeted users who’d not logged on for a certain period of time, expecting they’d been dating and once they logged back in after that period of time (eg. the break up!), served up a personalised flash banner leading to a free desert – the perfect cure for a broken heart and something nobody can resist!

Looking forward to seeing the final results. It’s small, highly targeted campaigns like this that can generate some amazing returns for advertisers who put their money online with the right agency ! A great example of a targeted creative application online. (Thanks Sahar)

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