Tiger Woods/EA Games: Walk On Water Viral Comp!

Thu, Jun 25, 2009
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Ok, so I want to give you a little background on this one, so make sure you read this before you play the video! In 2008 EA Games launched the cult game; Tiger Woods 08 and late that year a YouTuber named “Levinator25″ posted this video claiming to have found a “glitch” in the game.

It goes viral with about 1million views on YouTube and creating some serious conversation on forums about the various glitches in Tiger Woods 08. So EA Games responded with an absolute classic, creating a video response directly to “Levinator25″ on YouTube…

It got over 3million views and sparked a comment fest in EA Games favour projecting them to the “hero” status in the battle. Sales sky rocketed. Move forward about 5 months and EA Games wanted to leverage this just a little more and have launched an online campaign for the person who can create the BEST viral video to help promote Tiger Woods 2010 and they will throw you $50k… Below is the video to launch that competition with Rocco Mediate being featured as the newest player!

Now, as a brand, that’s how you leverage social media and social conversations to your advantage in the most amazing way. You directly engaged with the influencers in a creative way to stop the chatter about possible issues, turned it on its head and immediatly into your favour (in this case “hero” status) with your actions and then throw it back to the crowd with incentives to help you launch the next game… 5 Stars to EA Games! (via ViralBlog - great post!) Why can’t more brands react on whats being said online about them?

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