Thunderclap: The First Crowdspeaking Platform

Wed, Jul 4, 2012
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I’m a big fan of the non-profit campaigns that Droga5 has created over the years. Besides their commercial success, they’ve demonstrated the power of an idea, how it could influence the culture and make a real difference on social issues. As in the lead of their previous strategy director Hashem Bajwa, Droga5 has launched a product development studio called: DE-DE last year. Their main goal is to blend storytelling and branding skills with their technical knowledge to create meaningful communication tools.

According to this vision, they’ve launched their first product called: The Thunderclap in May 2012, which has created a serious amount of attention in the media. As they explain on their website, it basically lets people be heard by sharing a single message all at the same time. Anyone who thinks to have a message worth spreading could initiate a Thunderclap and ask people to support it. If the message is backed by enough amount of people, Thunderclap amplifies it and spread the word at once on Twitter – Facebook.

Thunderclap is a free and open platform which also makes it an awesome tool for non-profit organizations to communicate their message to the masses. You can have look for more info or start a Thunderclap here!

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