The World’s First Animated Tattoo

Thu, Jul 7, 2011
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Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey is running an interesting social campaign celebrating people who leave an impression, unique people who challenge the status quo, and to do this, they’ve setup a series of live streaming events where the community can influence the creative outcomes of an artist in real time through comments and suggestions on Facebook.

One of the streaming events was this, the World’s First Animated Tattoo by artist K.A.R.L, created in real time, it integrated what looks to be a QR code, and after scanning, played an animated piece to complete the tattoo!

Next up is the live streaming of a Graffiti artist who will mix spray, digital and social interaction to complete the next piece of art for the campaign… Pretty cool, but the challenge with these campaigns is driving enough live interactive during the live streaming event, where even the likes of Coke have struggled… What do you guys think? Can this kind of campaign really work?

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