The World’s Biggest Viral Video Experiment

Mon, Jul 11, 2016
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So, how do you make a viral video? Well, a team from Australia has spent 2 years trying to find out, and nailed it… From shark attacks, to lightning strikes, bears chasing snowboarders, to drones falling into Burning Man – the world watched, they shared and then they argued like hell over their authenticity. With over 205 million views, they might just have found what works.

The Woolshed Company, from Melbourne, Australia, says the content series was envisioned as a social experiment to explore the creation and distribution of ‘new media’. They set out to better understand exactly how to create short-form, highly sharable, ‘snackable’ viral video content, that is capable of reaching worldwide mass audiences without the luxury of pricey media buys, ad campaigns, publicity strategies or distribution deals. Find our more here.

Ok, so not all their videos were smash hits, but the highest rated video was 35 million views, with what I assume was a lot of additional duplicated coverage and re-posting on various platforms from other people. However, I think the learnings are perhaps the most important part of this experiment, and it’s somewhat clear from the videos below can work. Enjoy!


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