The Top 50 Facebook Brand Pages In 2009

Wed, Dec 2, 2009
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Aggregated content. It’s been getting big in 2009, but I’m pretty sure that in 2010 aggregated content, you know… The top 10′s, 50′s, 100′s, ranking systems, rating systems and the like will become a dominating part of the social sphere’s daily intake of content.

So, if there was even an aggregated “top” list to be on, you would probably want it to be on the Top 50 Facebook Brand Pages List that The Big Money has just released. It lists the Top 50 Facebook Brand Pages of 2009 and show how many fan’s each brand has, the type of content that’s on the page and why it’s cool.

The Big Money used a bunch of various metrics to calculate the list by including fan numbers, page growth, frequency of updates, creativity as determined their judges and fan engagement.

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