Top 10 Social Media Presentations

Sun, Jul 12, 2009
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the top 10 social media presentations online
I’m addicted to slideshare and after reading a bunch of re-tweets about the Top 10 Social Media Presentations I thought it might be useful to post them on Digital Buzz! There would be 100+ Social Media Presentations on SlideShare but this is just about the Top 10 Presentations you’d actually want to spend the time reading!

Some of the social media presentations loose their punch with out the speaker actually talking you through it, but I’m sure you’ll all find every side valuable. Note: Some are a little basic while others are much more advanced so there is something for everyone here! (via eConsultancy)

Plus a version of the Obama Strategy from the guys @ viralblog
Case Study: The Barack Obama Strategy

So there it is, the Top 10 Social Media Presentations on SlideShare. Do you agree? If not, I’d love to hear what you think and or links to other great Social Media presentations online. Otherwise, hope you found this helpful!
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