The Receipt Racer Project

Mon, Jul 11, 2011
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This is a pretty cool digital meets analog interactive installation called “The Receipt Racer”. created during the “Let’s Feed The Future” digital art workshop at the OFFF Festival 2011 in Barcelona.

The Receipt Racer Project uses a standard thermal printer, kinda like you’d find in the credit card machine of any retail store, just a little bigger… With that, Joshua Noble and his team connected a projector, a bunch of sensors and a Sony PlayStation controller to a computer that would use the thermal printer to print a random track, complete with hit areas that were monitored by the sensors to ensure you’d be wiped out if you crashed into an object.

The idea was to race to the end of the 50m roll of paper in the fastest time without crashing… Ok so this is pretty random, but I’m sure the inner geek in all of us would love to have put this together!

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