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Mon, Jan 4, 2010
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Pepsi will take a massive gamble this year, they are pulling their multi-decade, multi-million dollar Superbowl opening ad position and trading it in for a $20 million social campaign at levels we are yet to experience. To me, this doesn’t seem like a massive risk with the way social campaigns have played out in the last 12 months.

But, for a company that spends almost all it’s money on TV ads – it’s an incredible gamble, particularly when you only have 250,000 (actively engaged) facebook fans compared to Coke’s 4 million plus! 250k is a big number, but in comparison, it means they haven’t really been able to compete with coke online.

So the Pepsi Refresh Project is about getting the global community to nominate projects that need funding in local communities, you upload your video / project profile, gather as many votes as you can by spaming the social sphere and the top projects will win finding from $5k multiple times per month up to $250k a few times every month. That’s a serious spend. This campaign idea isn’t exactly original, infact we had a localised version of this exact campaign idea pitched to Mitre10 (national hardware giant in Australia) 2 years ago, just with a muuuch smaller budget! They didn’t think it would fly. Hmmm.

Entries open up on the 13th of January, but you can download official submission tool-kits to get ready! I’m very much looking forward to seeing the engagement levels and watching how the campaign pans out for Pepsi. Hopefully it’s a massive win for them, but I can’t help but feel perhaps they should have kept the Superbowl ad to tell the world about their social media campaign?! Click here to check out the campaign website. (via Mashable / Viralblog)

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