The Microsoft “Bing” Decision Engine Video

Fri, May 29, 2009
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Microsoft has revealed “Bing” the worlds first “Decision Engine” which will launch on June 3rd. Microsoft Bing looks different and that’s because it is, its glossy, intelligent, attractive and IT MAKES DECISIONS for you… Well, at least helps make decisions for you by not just displaying results, but by refining, graphing and rating content across general web searching, images, video, and even things like travel, shopping, maps and sports!

You’ll notice its pretty standard in layout, but the design & intelligence is a huge shift forward for search in general, finally bringing an element of design to the table! When we talk about intelligence, say if you search “Sony LCD TV’s” it will change the way the search results are configured, provide images, ratings, reviews and prices directly into the results! Enjoy the video…

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