The #jeeppuzzle Twitter Campaign

Wed, Nov 24, 2010
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Leo Burnett Iberia recently launched this cool little campaign on twitter for Jeep. Called #jeeppuzzle, the idea was that users would follow the jeeppuzzle profile, and inside that profile, jeep would be following a total of 12 other profiles. Now, in each of those profiles, they would be following a further 36 profiles, with each holding part of a puzzle. Hmmmm, feels like Inception!!

The actual competition here was to solve the puzzle picture by following each of the 36 sub profiles to compile the picture in the correct order. If you cracked it, all you had to do was send a tweet @ the puzzle name and include the #jeeppuzzle hash tag. Pretty cool huh?

So, for all it’s coolness, there were a few major issues I had with the campaign. Firstly, surely the puzzles should have been Jeep car images (and named them too!) to leverage the interaction of the competition process? And secondly, shouldn’t they have run this from the brands main Twitter page, instead of building followers on a profile they may never use again? Great idea, but probably needed a better integrated social comms strategy to make the most of the campaign, as I see the @jeeppuzzle only managed 730 odd followers, and is now a redundant profile…

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