The HopePage: Mining Crypto For UNICEF

Sun, May 20, 2018
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The Hopepage is an all-new fundraising mechanic for UNICEF that operates on a global scale for good. For the very first time, anyone with a computer or laptop can mine cryptocurrency for a good cause, without the need of specialised equipment or software. Users simply keep The Hopepage open in a web browser to automatically mine crypto currency to raise funds UNICEF causes.

The Hopepage is powered by CoinHive’s AuthedMine, a world first implementation that completely flips the cryptojacking narrative – where hackers stole users’ computer power to fund themselves – into a positive one, to raise money for charity.

The Hopepage works by letting users donate a percentage of their unused computer processing power (20%-80%) to mine crypto currency in the background while they go about their normal day, with everything mined automatically being donated to UNICEF and converted back to real dollars.

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