The GTI Project Advergame

Tue, May 26, 2009
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the gti project online game
It’s been live for a few weeks, but the GTI Project is worthy of a feature here on Digital Buzz. The game was created by Tribal DDB London to promote the new Volkswagen GTI Models. Once you get into the site, you’ll realise there isn’t much to it, but it brings back some great memories with a pretty addictive slot car style game. I think the best part about this advergame, is that its not over the top, its branded content, its addictive (to a degree!) and chances are you will tell the person sitting next to you to have a look! Job done! Check out the site here. Oh, and I love the art direction for this site, the hi-tech pixelated video look just feels so right for this style of game!

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