The FWA: Launches FVA – Favourite Visitor Awards

Thu, May 14, 2009
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The FWA: launches favourite visitors awards (fva)
The FWA have today launched the “Favourite Visitor Awards” as a mock site-takeover to hype the 50 Million (th) visitor to the website, which is huge for these guys. It’s a quirky little award ceremony style of video that loads over the top of the normal site. After listening to the host, your invited to add your face & profile to the wall as if you’d been voted onto the site for your work (which is a dream for most agencies and designers alike!).

Congratulations on 50 Million Visitors, and nice work doing such a cool celebration!
Click here to check out the site-takeover.

**Update** This is probably the best interactive site takeover I’ver ever seen, I clicked out too early last night, and the video actually runs for about 10+ mins with some very funny lines. So make sure you watch the whole thing, amazing work Domani Studios for producing that!

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