The $73k Bar Tab – Guerrilla Marketing Brazil

Tue, Apr 13, 2010
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This is a very cheeky and very well executed guerrilla marketing campaign from Ogilvy Brazil. It’s called The $73,000 Bar Tab, and what Ogilvy Brazil did (with Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz) was to add itemised emergency service elements to each bar tab, generating some serious instant impact before people left the bar to go home!

Two years ago Brazil installed a zero tolerance drink driving policy, unfortunately they still had over 35,000 deaths on the road last year (that’s a crazy number). But if some of the reactions in this video are anything to go by, Ogilvy Brazil made a pretty strong point to help stop party goers from driving home that night… after they picked their jaw’s up off the ground! (via Blogilvy)

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