The 100th Digital Buzz Post!

Tue, Mar 24, 2009
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Well, tonight marks the 100th Digital Buzz post, kind of crazy when I think that it’s only been up for 3 months with 100 posts notched up, plus it’s already getting over 1000 visitors a day and has 750 people subscribed! Probably more so to wonder how much time has been spent on the blog so far, but it’s all worth it from the great post comments and personal emails digital buzz gets every day, highlighting how much everyone is enjoying the blog!

I thought I’d share a few things about the blog, so here is a quick list of the great things everyone has been telling me so far… Great content, perfect mix of tech vs creative, love the insights, enjoy the reports and stats, more virals please, you should setup a digibuzz awards panel, more on iPhone apps, love the social media, love the featured sites, where has this site been all my life, show us more campaigns, show more tech info, interview digital startups…..

But what i’d really love to know, is what you want to see from digital buzz? Just post in the comments or shoot me an email! Thanks for being a digi buzz fan so far, everything lays ahead of us and we will be adding new contributors very soon, so you’ll get a more diverse digital digest every day, with opinions and insight from across the world! (now just tell your friends!)

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