TaylorMade Retail Touch Screen

Thu, Jul 1, 2010
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I’m an avid golfer, so I’m probably a little biased here, but this is actually quite a new thing in the golfing space, for all the hi-tech-ness around construction, weighting and materials that go into golf clubs and marketing material that they spend a fortune on, bringing all that graphical, experiential and technological prowess in-store to showcase product is almost non existent across the entire category, and when your browsing isle after isle of clubs, you’re almost begging for something to jump out at you to let you know what’s hot or not…

TaylorMade teamed up with Hello Design to create one of the very first digital installations in the golfing category that provides highlights and key specs on the latest products in store, streams video content and tour news along with pro specific reviews, interviews and advice to help you choose the right TaylorMade clubs, all wrapped up in an engaging experience. (thanks Julienne)

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