Tap and Take: Samsung Campaign

Tue, Sep 22, 2009
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Samsung (with the help of their global advertising partner Leo Burnett) recently launched a new digital camera range with a difference. The ST550 & ST500 are revolutionary dual screen digital cameras which have a forward facing LCD touch screen panel for taking self portraits (should be big hit with the shameless self promotion types on MySpace and Facebook).

The digital camera market is pretty much swamped with choices, so prior to the product launch for the ST550/ST500, a teaser campaign integrating social media, viral content and promotions was launched to gain the attention of digital enthusiasts.

The campaign kicked off with a deluge of high quality viral videos all capturing different moments with different people but threaded together using a common visual style, leading users back to www.tapandtake.com. These are now presented on the website as interactive 3D animated collages which are quite a bit more fun to navigate than the usual video gallery – and of course to continue their viral goals, all the videos are presented with sharing tools to spread the content beyond the website.

Buzz online is great, but it can only do so much through a computer screen – to bring it to life and into peoples lives, the Samsung Camera Squad hit London, Rome, Paris and Moscow on Segways to promote the new camera range’s capabilities.

Now as the camera range is being released for purchase worldwide, the campaign is moving into giveaway mode. Capitalising on the buzz created by their viral videos and Camera Squad promotions, Samsung are encouraging visitors of the site to spread the word on social networks by giving away cameras to visitors who become Fans of “Tap and Take” on Facebook and tweet about “Tap and Take” on Twitter. The promotion runs until October 1, 2009.



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