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Delite-o-Matic: Experimental Sampling Lab

Monday, December 17, 2012


If you remember the Delite-o-Matic vending machine installation a few months back, you’ll probably love this new, experimental sampling installation they’ve just created to get new flavours in peoples hands! So as part of their special research into human/snack behaviour, Fantastic Delites created a human mouse lab experiment to see how far people were willing [...]

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Delite-O-Matic: The Ultimate Sampling Machine

Sunday, July 8, 2012


This has to be one of the very best vending machines I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’d know, I’ve got somewhat of a vending machine posting fetish, some sort of modern-retro-coolness kinda of crush on these things, and the near limitless ideas they can spawn. And here, in Australia, comes the Delite-O-Matic, a seemingly [...]

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