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24h Coca-Cola + Maroon 5 Crowdsourcing Gig

Monday, March 21, 2011


Well we are just one day away from Coca-Cola’s crowdsourcing campaign featuring Maroon 5. The idea is that Maroon 5 will open up their studio for a 24h live stream event on Facebook with Coca-Cola, working together to with their social communities to concept, write, record and produce a new song in just 24 hours, [...]

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Facebook Integration At The Coca Cola Village

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


If you’ve been wondering how to seamlessly integrate an experiential event with Facebook, here is how to do it, in real time! Again, the guys over in Israel are doing some amazing work, this time it was Publicis (E-dologic) and Promarket who have developed an innovative experiential event for Coca Cola Israel that synced everyone who participated, live [...]

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