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Chatroulette: Live First Person Zombie Game

Friday, August 21, 2015


This might be the best thing I’ve seen this year. It’s the world’s first Real Life First Person Shooter Game, played out live on Chatroulette, and damn I wish I could have played it. Realm Pictures pulled together an amazing story line, filled it with Zombies, weapons and challenges, then put their first person shooter [...]

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Chatroulette: The Last Exorcism Campaign

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I didn’t realise anyone was still using Chatroulette since the hype died off, let alone running campaigns through it, but for what it’s worth, this is a pretty cool (but predictable) campaign for “The Last Exorcism” horror movie. It features a girl interacting with people through the web cam, giggling as she looks to unzip her top for the guys on the [...]

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Chat Roulette: HIV Guerrilla Marketing

Sunday, May 23, 2010


If you’ve been wondering what type of guerrilla marketing campaign would actually work through Chat Roulette, then this is probably it. A smart new campaign for HIV awareness is utilising Chat Roulette to highlight what you shouldn’t do in real life, where a semi-nude lady draws people in for a closer look before before letting them [...]

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French Connection’s New ChatRoulette Comp!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


ChatRoulette discovered about 3 weeks ago when it was suddenly featured across a host of US news sites and tv shows. It never takes long, and FCUK (with agency Poke, London) have become the very first brand to try to leverage the success of ChatRoulette and all 500,000+ unique players per day by launching a [...]

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