T-Mobile: Real Life Angry Birds Experiential

Wed, Jun 15, 2011
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Forgive me for being a little late on this one, I’ve just landed back in Australia after a few weeks holiday in the US (and thanks to Katy for keeping the buzz pumping!). But for those few who haven’t seen it, and our archives, here is a great experiential by T-Mobile in Spain, who’ve taken Angry Birds in real life to the next level, way past the Angry Birds Cake that had almost 6 million views…

T-Mobile Spain, aiming to leverage the popularity of the game, created this to connect the love of Angry Birds to it’s entire smart phone product range, and with a life sized installation, real exploding pigs and about 5 million views in a week… I guess they’ve done an alright job!

WARNING: If you thought the video was cool… Don’t watch the making of below…!

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