Swedish Post: Sweden’s Safest Hands Challenge

Mon, Oct 3, 2011
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Here is the latest campaign from the Swedish Post, who I must say, produce some very cool work for a post office! The campaign is called “Sweden’s Safest Hands” an augmented reality style challenge that is played out with your iPhone across the many streets of Sweden.

The challenge is for people to virtually deliver one of 300 odd parcels in the fastest time, with the safest hands, and by safest hands, they mean the app will utilise the compass, GPS and accelerometer to track and measure how stable and safe you actually are with your movements on the path to deliver that virtual parcel.

Each day a number of new parcels become available to be delivered, with the first person to deliver that parcel safely, winning the contents of that virtual parcel, but in the real world… Yes, we’ve seen it all before, but what I love about this campaign, is that it takes the real world location based gaming idea and puts a whole new level of skill into the game and the app, which hasn’t been done before… very cool work from the guys at akestam holst again!

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