Surely Flash Mobs Are Now Dead?

Sun, Jul 18, 2010
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Take a good look at this Flash Mob created by Malibu in NYC and then pause for a moment of silence, because that might just be the last promotional flash mob you’ll ever see! Don’t get me wrong, I think flash mobs were pretty cool in 2008 and even early 2009, the 10 or so really good ones each had millions (if not 10′s of millions) of views on YouTube. But as you’ll see with this attempted viral from Malibu, it’s all been done before (years before) and there is simply no unique “wow” factor left to attract the views that flash mobs previously did.

So with over a week worth of seeding and promotion, this flash mob video hasn’t even hit 100,000 views (something that previous videos hit in a few hours). Brands, Marketers, Agencies and PR firms can learn a great lesson from this… Viral is only viral when it’s original. Sure, you can jump on a trend and if you are one of the first few you’ll get amazing results, but when that trend was 2 years ago, you’ll end up with this…

It’s a shame really, because I actually like the video, the guy in the suit was great and the finish on the girls in the fountain was a nice touch. It’s just 2 years too late to generate the type of buzz they’d have been expecting, or, they needed to add about another 100+ dancers to increase the magnitude of the event.

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