Subaru: Choose Your Own Angle

Thu, Jan 13, 2011
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Subaru Canada has launched a nice little piece of annotated YouTube video content for the 2011 WRX. They bolted on 4 HD video cameras for a real leg of the tall pines rally, then cut it into a 7 minute 4 angle annotated YouTube video that puts the viewing experience in the hands of each viewer, with the campaign content forming part of the whole “pure performance” strategy.

One of the things I thought you guys would like about this video, is that it managed to max out the allowed YouTube annotations (supposedly a world first)! As you’ll notice, every frame in the video has 4x views, which means there are actually 3 additional annotation points for each frame, so that at any given moment in the 7 minute video, you can click onto any view and have that new angle synced pretty closely in near real-time! Cool little experiment from DDB Canada. (thanks Dan)

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