Stefan The Swopper: Social Media & Viral Campaign

Sun, Mar 22, 2009
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Meet Stefan Kits, the young Swedish guy that just needed a change. How much of a change? Well Stefan decided to swap everything he owned for something different, with any random person out there willing to give it a shot – in a single month!

Ok, so not entirly true, Stefan was part of the Posten Viral/Social Campaign (Swedish Post Office) designed to increase awearness & knowledge of the Swedish postal services to a youth audience. Stefan had to swap everything in a single month, from his apartment to his tooth brush (1750 items in total), all sent via the Swedish Post Office. But they were his belongings, and he did swap them, it was just in partnership/sponsored by Posten.

There was one catch to this campaign, not a penny would be spent on media, so strategy and execution had to be top notch to get the desired impact. It was a huge success, with over 4million people visiting the website (sweden only has 9 million people). So check out the website here, and his blog

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