Stats: Age Distribution On Social Networks

Wed, Mar 3, 2010
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I’m in a bit of a statistical mood this week and have been hunting down all sorts of charts to keep my sanity in order, and this chart is an absolute winner. It shows (by percentage) the average age demographics and distribution across all the major social networks. We often get people talking about how facebook & twitter are only for “young people” in their teens & twenties, but ofcourse most of you know that’s just not the case and here is the proof!

The chart below is based on US Google ad planner data and showcases an interesting perspective on age demographics among the major social networks. While some of the obvious networks like Bebo are primarily used by younger audiences, some of the majors like Facebook & Twitter show a much, much older skew which is great news for a lot of marketers…

Of note, Facebook’s audience has 61% of users over 35, while twitter is similar with 64% of users over 35. While Bebo & Myspace are very attractive for kids under 17, with 37% – 44% of their users in that demographic. So as you can roughly see from the chart, the 35-44 bracket is a clear % winner topping 11 of the 19 most popular social networks. That’s great news for brands and agencies with that demographic being a very juicy hunting ground for customers…

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