The NRL’s Real-Time “Instabilia” Campaign

Sun, Jun 4, 2017
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The NRL’s Instabilia campaign was a real-time in-game activation creating one-of-a-kind State of Origin memorabilia items instantly as those special moments happen on the field, packaged as promotional ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and then immediately placed on eBay for auction for the games biggest fans.

Designed to turn traditional memorabilia (you know, the brand new jersey that came straight from a store to be signed by players…) into “Instabilia” which is born inside the real game, complete with all the dirt from the field, including the blood, sweat, and tears of the players who wore it!

The Instabilia items were generated in real-time through the NRL’s Mission Control room, where designers, copywriters, editors and motion graphics artists create and publish ‘Instabilia’ pieces and then turn them into live auction videos just minutes after the moments happen before being broadcast across the NRL’s social channels, linking to the live-auction on NRL’s charity eBay store for the campaign.

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