Sprite: Brutal Honest Truths

Thu, May 21, 2009
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After C-Section became lead agency for Sprite in Turkey, this is the first project we developed in line with their global campaign “Brutal Honest Truths.” The first BHT was: “You’d love to make your ex pay for breaking your heart.” And we provided the perfect tool for such sweet revenge; a voodoo doll. We used Papervision 3D and motion tracking to develop an application that lets users upload a photo of their ex on the voodoo doll?s face and perform various brutal acts to create their own voodoo movie.

The movie was shared extensively on multiple platforms and became highly successful. It was backed by a long running TVC, while bloggers were sent special boxes with real voodoo dolls. As a result, a huge buzz was built around the website with almost a million unique visitors.

Check out the campaign website here.

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