Sony Pictures’s DVD Amnesty: Case Study

Tue, Jun 14, 2011
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Sony Pictures were looking for a way to encourage people to update their movie collection and buy new DVDs, a hard job in a dying market. Iris, Sydney came up with a fun solution with ‘The Great DVD Amnesty’, people could trade in their old, unwanted DVDs and get $5 cash back, thus freeing up space in their DVD collection.

To get the message out there they used a classic 80′s and 90′s movie star, Jean-Claude Van Damme. The campaign ran across multiple online touche points, from playing with Jean-Claude himself on the campaign homepage, to creating a personalised video using Facebook connect to ‘report a mates collection’. Video content was also seeded throughout the campaign in order to help maintain the engagement. The campaign campaign site also acted as the hub where people could claim their $5 Cash Back. A Facebook app also let you Van-Dammize your name.

In a declining market, the campaign resulted in over 9% sales increase on forecast which smashed predictions. It’s great to see some good Australian examples of integrated digital ideas that run across a range of social platforms and are enagaing for users. Nice work Iris and thanks for sharing James.

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