Sony: World’s First Instagram Music Video

Wed, Jul 20, 2011
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Addicted to Instagram and love music festivals? Well you might like this, Sony Music is giving you the chance to be part of a new crowdsourced Instagram video to be used for “The Vaccines” upcoming new single called “wetsuit”. You can submit photos live, just by shooting and tagging and photo through Instagram with #vaccinesvideo, or by filtering and tagging festival photos you already have on your iPhone, with the shots being pulled in via the Instagram API to an online gallery of every shot submitted. From here, the director will source everything for the music video.

This is something a little different, and I love the concept of sourcing content for a music video from the fans them selves, but more so, I’m looking forward to seeing how many submissions there are (I’m counting 100-200 so far), and how much traction the video gets once launched with crowdsourced content… If this was for someone like Lady Gaga… I’m pretty sure Instagram’s servers would melt… Great idea from the guys at Anomaly. What do you guys think?

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